Engaging K-12 Students

Gaggle is a learning platform for the real classroom. If you are ready for blended learning, Gaggle is your solution.

Specifically created for K-12, Gaggle features built-in processes and classroom workflows designed to promote educator and student productivity. Teachers can easily create, assign, collect and correct assignments on their schedule, while promoting student engagement and embracing the benefits of social networking in a safe and controlled environment.

Student safety is critical. No one does more to protect students than Gaggle.

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  • Email


    CIPA-compliant email designed for K-12 schools and students. Gaggle Email includes extensive text filtering, inappropriate image detection and human monitoring.

    Web Hosting & Design

    Web Hosting & Design

    Create and host a website that engages the members of the K-12 community, encourages communication and builds community pride. Learn more about Gaggle Web Hosting & Design.

  • Human Monitoring Service (HMS)

    Human Monitoring Service (HMS)

    Put the monitoring of blocked messages in Gaggle’s hands, eliminating the need for teachers to review questionable communications so they can concentrate on classroom instruction. Gaggle’s Human Monitoring Service (HMS) team has uncovered bullying, drug use, threats of school violence, teen depression, suicidal intentions and abusive domestic situations. Find out more about Gaggle HMS.



    Allow safe searching of YouTube videos even when YouTube is blocked by your district filters. All YouTube access is logged, filtered and monitored. Teachers can also upload videos, and saved videos can be shared, embedded and linked in multiple ways.

  • Assignment Drop Boxes

    Assignment Drop Boxes

    Enable teachers to easily create, assign and collect assignments for a truly paperless classroom. Assignment Drop Boxes are integrated with Google Apps and GaggleTube for a full, rich media learning experience.

    Digital Lockers

    Digital Lockers

    Provide online file storage with integrated editing of Word documents, spreadsheets, photos and more.   Individual files and folders can be shared with specific students, classes or the entire school or district. All files are filtered for appropriate content and accessible from school or at home.

  • Student & Teacher Blogs

    Student & Teacher Blogs

    Provide a place where students can share their thoughts, ideas and creativity in a secure environment. Teacher blogs can be shared with parents for easy home-school communication.

    Instant Messaging

    Instant Messaging

    Offer the ability for real-time discussions in and out of the classroom. Teachers can event offer virtual office hours and online study sessions.

  • Class Pages

    Class Pages

    Put your classrooms online for easy blended learning. Class pages provide quick access to view assignments, class calendars, web resources and to collaborate through a Social Learning Wall. It’s the starting point for your students with everything in one convenient place.

    Integrated Calendar

    Integrated Calendar

    Provide standard scheduling features with invitations and reminders on individual and shared calendars. Integration with Gaggle Email, SMS Texting and Assignment Drop Boxes makes it easy to stay organized.

  • SMS Texting

    SMS Texting

    Provides safe teacher and student mobile texting with all incoming and outgoing text messages filtered and logged.

    Mark It Up!

    Mark It Up!

    Provides an intuitive and simple way to page through and review student submissions with options for annotations like comments, highlighting and a free-form drawing tool.

  • Discussion Boards

    Discussion Boards

    Support curriculum and extend learning with ongoing classroom discussions. Teachers can create discussion boards restricted to specified students and classes.

    Social Learning Wall

    Social Learning Wall

    Provides profile-based connections with sharing, similar to the most popular social networking experiences.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Sharing mobile devices among several students is a common practice in schools today. Although applications that support document editing, file storage and email are readily available, they fail to meet the shared device model. With Gaggle’s Mobile Apps, users have their own set of documents, files and email.

    Cyber Safety Course

    Cyber Safety Course

    Gives schools an easy way to comply with eRate requirements to provide instruction to students on Internet safety. The course uses videos from the federal government’s OnGuardOnline.gov project, combined with brief quizzes to ensure understanding.

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Curriculum Alignment

Gaggle aligns with both NETS-S and Common Core standards.

Ready to see how Gaggle integrates easily into your curriculum?

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